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Adoptable Horses

Help us continue our mission to provide rehabilitation services to those in need by offering your home to a previously abused and neglected equine. 

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Rico is a 13 year old Shetland Pony that came to us from a neglect situation. Due to his neglect, his right eye was enucleated and his left eye has old, untreated ulcers preventing him from seeing properly. Overall, Rico can still get around well but will eventually be fully blind. Rico was gelded at age 12 and will only be adopted to a home without any mares. Rico is not suitable as a show-horse companion. Rico enjoys being groomed and loved on by his handlers. 

Jackie & Jodie

Jackie (left) and Jodie (right) are a bonded pair of jennies seeking their forever home. Jackie is a 19-year-old miniature jenny with deformed hooves due to proper care from her previous home. Jodie is a 20+ year-old Standard that also suffers from deformed hooves due to lack of proper farrier care. Both girls require specialty hoof care and are not in your pocket. 

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