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Recent Intakes

On March 15, 2024, we received a request for intake from an owner who was no longer able to properly care for their horse. Patrick, a 27+ year old Quarter Horse/ Thoroughbred, had been without proper care for some time and needed our assistance to bring him back to a healthy state. Though Patrick requires a refeeding program to help gain back roughly 200 pounds,  his spirits remain positive and alert. Unfortunately, this will be the second time Patrick has been at a rescue but we will ensure that his retirement is one filled with health, joy, and happiness. 

image_6483441 (54)_edited.jpg

On February 20th, 2024, our team was notified about a senior horse in need of our assistance out of Baldwin County, Alabama. Loretta was victim of multiple auctions and homes where she recently lost her companion due to emaciation. Loretta, a 30+ year old Quarter Horse was in desperate need of a rehabilitation program to help clear her severe rain rot infection as well as to provide her with a refeeding program. Loretta is yet another super-senior that became a victim to the acution system and is now no longer a statistic. 

image_6483441 (53)_edited.jpg

On December 03, 2023, we were notified by an owner that needed immediate placement for their two donkeys and pony. Due to the obvious deterioration of the pony in the photos provided, we decided that it is in the best interest of the pony to be placed in our care. The mare pony, 25+ Whinny and jenny Miniature Donkeys Billiejoe (left) and daughter Starlight (right) entered Tiny Acres care. Both Billiejoe and Starlight entered a foster-to-adopt program. Since Whinny's arrival in our care, she was down and unable to get up independently for four days which required our team to provide her with assistance 24 hours a day.  Due to a severe untreated internal infection, Whinny was near death on day 6. Our team decided that a blood chemistry panel was necessary to figure properly treat her. Our vet gave us the call that all rescue organizations dread. Whinny should have died at least 8 hours prior to being treated that day. Whinny would not go down without a fight. We have had a secondary panel pulled on Whinny and her levels are not as elevated, but still not in the normal range. We are currently treating Whinny with antibiotics and will be pulling another blood panel soon. 


On November 21, 2023, we were notified by a community member about a hoarding situation in Alabama. Our team was able to pull Tater-tot from the herd for rehabilitation. The hoarding situation is currently under investigation. 

405509536_366190369269595_3670478022977418430_n (1).jpg

On August 03, 2023, we assisted Santa Rosa County Animal Services with the seizure of a horse and donkey.  We were initially informed of the horses' condition when a new community member drove down the wrong street. Little did we know that because of a directional accident, a forgotten and severely emaciated horse, now named Maya, and her pasture-mate, Jodie, would soon find refuge with us. Both Jodie and Maya have their own health concerns that stem directly from lack of care. Maya is roughly 400 lbs underweight, BCS of 1, and failing organs, while Jodie suffers from a lack of farrier care that created permanent damage to both back hoof coffin bones. Since their arrival, both Maya and Jodie have been put on a strict feeding regimen and trimming schedule. Their

case is closed due to owner compliance.


On June 09, 2024, Maya passed from complications due to her severe neglect. Though our team was able to maintain a visibly healthy body condition, her organs were permanently damaged and failing. We are blessed to have given her the love and life she was deprived of for so long even for only 11 months. 


On February 15, 2023, we were called to assist Santa Rosa County Animal Services with the seizure of three horses. We were initially informed of three emaciated and sickly mares near a deceased horse in a very small, unhealthy paddock. The owner was charged with a misdemeanor for one count of Animal Abandonment and is serving a 12-month probationary sentence for the deceased horse. Fancy and CoCo have since found permananet retirement at The Retirement Home for Horses.  






On-site prior to intake


Paddock area


Deceased horse

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