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Recent Intakes

On February 6, 2022, Willow was rescued from a neglect situation out of Laurel Hill, Florida. Willow was abandoned at a property that was listed for sale and was not being fed or hated for the unknown duration of time that the farm was on the market. The new property owners found Willow in the pasture and did not realize that the previous owners did not plan to re-home her prior to sale. Willow does have hind end lameness that the vet states could either be a spinal injury, cervical arthritis, or a fractured pelvis that has fused back together leaving a significant amount of arthritis behind. Willow is estimated to be 20 years of age with a roach back (scoliosis) and severe arthritis from an unknown injury. Senior horses are some of our favorites and it pains us to know that yet another senior horse has been left behind and deemed worthless to its owners. All horses have worth and every one of them deserves the best life possible. 


On February 12, 2022, we were notified of a 2 y/o filly in very poor condition located in Mississippi. The day that she arrived at our facility was the beginning of her bright future with Tiny Acres. Filled with parasites and covered with infected rain rot on a Body Score of 2, our team went to work on her health concerns. Our supporters helped name this beautiful little filly and her name reflects the strides that we are all making to better her quality of life, Journey. Please welcome Journey to the Tiny Acres family. 



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