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We help unwanted horses

Rehabilitation from starvation is vital to our mission and absorbs 80% of our funding.

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Tiny Acres Northwest Florida relies solely on donations from the outstanding members of our horse and animal community. 

Would you like to help fund the day-to-day expenses of running a horse rescue? Did you know that it costs us roughly $3500 per month to provide the best care possible to previously forgotten horses, ponies, and donkeys? We also provide two programs for our community that pull from specified donation funds. Both Horses From Hospice and Feed Assistance require constant funding to ensure that we can provide these resources when requested. Any donation amount is appreciated and supports our mission to save abused and neglected horses. Will you help us stay focused on the rehabilitation and training of previously abused and neglected horses rather than worrying about the rescue bills? All items below can be sponsored for a single purchase, multiple purchases, or the entire month! Every item listed is per bag/bale. 

  • Pine Pellet Bedding $6.99

  • Timothy Pellet $29.99

  • Alfalfa Pellet $24.99

  • Alfalfa Cubes $22.99

  • Beet Pulp Shreds $19.99

  • Nutrena Pro Force Senior $31.99

  • Alfalfa Bale $25.99

  • Tifton Bale $12.00

Our Programs

 Horses From Hospice

 Tiny Acres Northwest Florida is the home and founder of Horses From Hospice. Horses From Hospice was created in 2019 out of a crucial need for the safe placement of horses who have been left behind after their owners pass or are currently too unhealthy to properly care for their beloved horses. Our goal is to decrease the number of horses that end up in auctions due to a family member not knowing that they do have options to help place their deceased loved ones' horses. As space and funding allow, we strive to provide this service to those in need. Currently, we have provided a soft landing to 11 horses and 1 alpaca by way of our Horses From Hospice program.  


 Feed Assistance 


 As funding allows, we do provide our community with feed and hay assistance during difficult times. Due to the ever-increasing cost of living and the increasing cost of care for horses, we believe that providing feed assistance is a great way to keep horses and owners together. Not all situations require an owner to seek rescue for intake due to job loss, sickness, or temporary lapse of employment. It is our pleasure to help keep those very loved horses in their homes which in turn keeps space available for horses that need immediate intervention at our rescue via owner surrender or law enforcement assisted intakes.

Donation Options

or by mailing a check to the rescue:

5662 Country Squire Drive
Milton, FL 32570

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