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Rescue and Rehabilitation

Because of wonderful supporters, we have been able to provide rehabilitation services to many horses that were suffering from neglect and abuse. Though we can provide some adoption services to our area, many of our residents are non-adoptable or super seniors seeking a relaxing retirement. To the Tiny Acres team, rescue means the action of compassionate individuals who offer their lives and time to animals that are suffering or seeking safe placement; rehabilitation is synonymous with the recovery of broken bodies and souls and the founding of a new purpose.   


Meet Our Herd

Our herd consists of 18 horses and 2 donkeys. We provide sanctuary to horses that are non-adoptable due to behavioral and medical issues when space allows. Currently, 7 horses call Tiny Acres their forever home. We try to provide adoption services whenever we can. New intakes are defined as owner surrenders or law enforcement-assisted seizures, we do not discriminate against soundness, age, rideability, or health issues, therefore if a horse requires our services and safety net and we have the space and funding, we welcome them to the herd. 

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